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Your Challenge

As a Procurement or Sourcing executive, you are responsible for acquiring and managing the products and services that your company uses on a daily basis. Frequently, third parties administer these services with little oversight. One of the most challenging aspects of outsourcing any of your processes is effectively managing the relationship and agreements with these various vendors, especially within the HR Supply Chain. Vendor management is critical for:

  • Improving relationships with existing vendors
  • Maximizing value of outsourced services
  • Providing transparency of plan administration

Our Solution

At Optimatum Solutions, vendor management is what we do. We provide the necessary expertise required for you to effectively and efficiently manage your HR vendors. Through improving relationships with your existing vendors and in?depth analyses of your current plans, we address the “leaky faucets” of your outsourced services. This allows us to create, implement, and monitor a comprehensive action plan to help better manage your agreements and expenses.

About Us

Optimatum Solutions, LLC is a vendor management firm that focuses exclusively on the HR supply chain. Our turnkey solutions improve financial and operational plan performance…

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The Optimatum Solution

At the foundation of our unique solution is our forensic analysis. Click below to find out more about The Optimatum Solution and how it can benefit your organization.

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Thought Leadership

We proactively ensure our clients stay up-to-date with the latest information. In the meantime, please feel free to browse all of our current and past Thought Leadership items.

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