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Optimum Group Our Belief
Most organizations, regardless of size, believe it is prudent to manage expenses. This often results in a tradeoff between achieving short?term goals and implementing long?term strategies. Our belief is that there is a better way. This passion led to the creation of Optimatum Solutions, a business which focuses on eliminating or reducing inefficiencies with minimal disruption to stakeholders, which results in direct SG&A savings.


Our proprietary solution is designed to limit the time commitment required from clients, while encompassing in-depth analyses, implementation, realignment, and ongoing management – and this results in clients reaping the benefits, without having to allocate precious internal resources.

About Us

Optimatum Group, LLC is a vendor management firm that focuses exclusively on the HR supply chain. Our turnkey solutions improve financial and operational plan performance…

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Our Team

Optimatum’s solutions provide employers with specific, defined tools for vendor accountability and vendor management process improvements. Let our team show you how.

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We look forward to helping you cut your health care costs without sacrificing your employees’ benefits. Please contact us with any questions you may have.

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