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Vendor management is a multi?step process to determine where problem areas exist with your current vendors. Once those areas are identified, Optimatum prioritizes the issues with our clients and fix those deemed critical. This procedure is both immediate (i.e. fix the issue at hand) and long?term (i.e. fix the process so it doesn’t happen again). Once the critical issues are back on track, we continue to monitor the vendor relationships through ongoing reporting and setting accountability standards.
Healthcare planning and oversight have become incredibly complicated, time consuming and data intensive. Optimatum helps clients do a “spring cleaning” on their benefit expenses with a fresh pair of expert eyes.
Optimatum supports prospective clients in the process of communicating our guaranteed savings to internal stakeholders.
Our clients’ vendor relationships are long?standing and typically operating smoothly. Optimatum’s solution focuses on improving the relationship between the plan and the vendors. All existing vendors remain in place, including trusted advisors. We have successfully worked with almost every major vendor. As part of our process, we set protocols with the client, formalizing how we communicate with their vendors.
The time investment for our clients is concise and non?disruptive. We keep it to 9 to 12 hours for the initial stage of the process, which occurs within the first 60 days of our analysis after receipt of data. Most of the client?related bandwidth involves collecting documents, setting protocols and communicating about client expectations.
No. We leave that to our clients’ existing trusted advisors.

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At the foundation of our unique solution is our forensic analysis. Click below to find out more about The Optimatum Solution and how it can benefit your organization.

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Optimatum Solutions, LLC is a vendor management firm that focuses exclusively on the HR supply chain. Our turnkey solutions improve financial and operational plan performance…

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We proactively ensure our clients stay up-to-date with the latest information. In the meantime, please feel free to browse all of our current and past Thought Leadership items.

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